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At CXICON we are always excited and passionate about working with clients. It is always great to know that clients remain innovative in sharing the same vision and direction towards delighting their customers and looking within the core or the organization, and recognizing that it starts from within their channels.

Together with our clients, we design driven solutions that creates a heart-warming and genuine approach in delighting and delivering the service experience to customers. We strongly believe that simplicity is the best, simple basics steps to start with despite of being in an advance digital community. Whilst consistency and enhancement are key areas to consider as well, starting from within and keeping the essence of customer experience intact can make a different in the channel. Hence, we then integrate customer experience design solutions with information and data-tech.

What We Do.

At CXICON solutions are tailored and designed based on a holistic study and approach to understand the bigger picture, before designing and proposing our solutions. We also design our solutions which relates to enhancements on closing the gaps within the an omni service experience channel and even retail experiences.

The CXICON blueprint is based on solutions related to our expertise in the industry, where selective solutions from our list of services will be proposed to enhance the service experience gap to greater heights. Hence, we focus on building a rock-solid foundation, planting a seed that supports and creates values to individuals in an organization and its clients as a whole. A phrase that we believe in "always from within", an empowering way to kick-start your journey in delighting your customers.

Call Centre Support

We setup dedicated teams and highly trained personnels' for clients who wish to outsource their call centre support for their businesses. Our team are experience candidates trained on customer handling support and case management, a performance driven approach, towards delivering the experience in handling and  delighting your customers.

CX Channel Programmes

It is always great to know that clients share the same vision and direction in customer experience. We work closely with clients on engaging and implementing solutions that drives the experience channels to greater heights.

CX Activities

This is also where the fun happens in the service channel (internal and external customers) ideas brewing to enhance the journey, creating impactful lasting moments and experience with your brand and company. Here we plan and offer some of our exciting, innovative and creative activities.

Software & IT Development

We develop and tailor solutions in IT development softwares’, CRM modules by phase, to meet the best outcomes based on requirements, customers insights, á solution that brings value, contributing to the enhancements and success in your customer experience chain and how it co-relates to human touch points and delivery.

Digital Eco-Channel

We build and design OMNI channel solutions based on the outcome of each unique challenges our client face as we work closely with client in enhancing customer engagement, insights on digital platforms. Solutions may vary as we work on understanding the big picture before we map out such solutions with clients.

CX Human Touch

In this vast era of data-tech and innovation, we believe strongly being in this new wave, human touch is still a powerful tool indeed in which we should not lose sight of. Customer handling and establishing rapport/relationship are the fundamental foundations that strengthens the bond of customers experience and holds greater value more that one can imagine.


Highlights On Some of Our Featured Scope.

Explore our solutions which enhances your customers’ experience.


Our clients love this CRM case management module package which helps them track, measure and engage with their customers in a seamless and automated way.


Our automotive industry clients mostly use our digital management solutions package consisting a full coverage from brand building, creative & production.


This is where we provide solutions such as out-source call centre support and hands on coaching for clients in handling their customers.


Our digital management solutions package consisting a full coverage on platforms from brand building, creative work, production support, crisis management.


A fun filled strategy and planning on customer experience/activities, focusing on engagement and events.


Besides the creation a single digital platform that manages multiple omni channel accounts in a highly advance era, we first map out the journey for our clients.


Intelligent Knowledge Repository Development.

Quote Of The Day.

  • Your most unhappy customers, are your greatest source of learning.

    Bill Gates
  • I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.

    Elon Musk
  • Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

    Tony Robbins
  • Service with passion from within.



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