About Us

Let's start small, and let's kick start somewhere! Let's get it moving! It's all about the #kecikkecikhustling and finding that power of success that comes always from within.

We help clients kick-start social platforms right from the from the basic setup and growing from there. The little steps to guide, nurture and expand as we go along, and all within the clients' capacity.

Since We’ve Established #KecikkecikHustling has always been a reminder of how we started off.

From a mobile office, we have established our existence to help clients when it comes to digital marketing. For close to 5 years now we have expanded to building a team of young talented individuals who are passionate about looking into new ideas and committed to delivering unique content for clients.

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Our Service

We are unique in a sense that we cover areas that are relatable when it comes to your customers’ journey. We enhance your engagement with your customers in key areas such as your presence in the digital world, as well as knowing your customers and helping them get what they need, through the development of our in-house IT solutions, such as CRM software, Mobile App Development, Portals, etc. Talk to us to find out more!


Social Marketing

We develop relatable content that resonates with your audience. Keeping the elements of community engagement in mind, we drive content to showcase your products, services and people. With that said, strategies are developed to also meet your objectives and business goals.


Content Marketing

Developing content that suits the occasion, and objective and aligning it towards your customer’s journey and tracking the performance of the content and growing a healthy organic base at the same time.


Analytical Analysis

Being result driven- we provide clients with analysis based on monthly performances, preliminary studies and findings to assist in ensuring the objectives are being met.


Ads Buy

We focus mainly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and linked-in for ad-buy. We have been successful in generating leads and increasing the visibility of clients’ branding/products and services where the target audiences for each platform are increasing both organically and through our ads.


Mobile App Development

We have experienced in-house programmers who focuses solely on mobile app development. We construct the designs, plan and execution for clients based on requirement put forth.


Web Development

We design and develop Websites for clients based on the complexity and requirement to achieve the layout and representation of the brand and company.


Customized IT software

We have an in-house CRM software that we have built and is being used across our client base in various industries such as insurance and healthcare.

Established since 2017

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Servicing Top Clients in their industry

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Experience in various Industries

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Successful Digital Ads and Campaigns for clients

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Why Choose Us

We are an entrepreneurial base company that focuses not just on the nature of the business but also people around us. Hence we have established a network of partners and a talent pool that can grow with us through our own #Kecikkecikhustling ecosystem

  • Developing Entrepreneurs

    Our ecosystem is built on an entrepreneur’s model. We have a pool of talented individuals, that find satisfaction in helping clients build their brands on social platforms. A dedicated team that enjoys the #kecikkecikhustling of working with clients to achieve a common goal

  • Healthy Business Ecosystem

    We are a growing company out in the market since 2017 and we have established a strong base in helping clients to achieve more based on the products and services we offer. Backup by strong business partners that are part of our ecosystem. This also strengthens the sustainability of our company and the work we do.

  • Flexibility

    We are flexible and always open to discussing further to ensure that we can work with our clients to achieve their objectives

  • Assessment

    We are always happy to provide an assessment for our clients before we provide our solutions. Having a holistic view and information that supports the action based on market sentiments and findings.